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Continental Touchable Series Cable Connectors

This series of cable joints are European touchable cable joints. They are fully insulated, shielded and waterproof. The material is imported silicone rubber. It adopts the international advanced full injection three-layer compound forming process. It is suitable for meeting the DIN47636 standard. Its rated current is 630 A ring cabinet, cable branch box and box substation. It can connect XLPE cables with voltage level of 15 KV or less and insulation diameter of 16-35 mm (25-400).

  • Type: WX
  • Material: Silica gel

Touchable Front Joint Product Components: Touchable Front Joint Body, Stress Cone, Pressing Terminal, Clasp, Insulation Plug, End Cover, M16/12 Diameter Bolt, Nut, Flat Cushion, Bullet Cushion, Lubricating Silicone Grease, Grounding Wire, Cleaning Towel.

Touchable Rear Joint Product Components: Touchable Rear Joint Body, Stress Cone, Pressing Terminal, Clasp, Conductive Rod, M12 Bolt, Lubricating Silicone Grease, Grounding Wire, Cleaning Towel.

Rear arrester product components: Rear arrester body, conductive rod, M12 bolt, lubricating silicone grease, grounding wire, cleaning towel.

Installation tools: socket wrench, flexible wrench.

Press instructions

Three-core cable separation processing:

1. Place the cable vertically and deal with it at 1.0-1.5m away from the cable terminal.

Cut out the outer sheath and steel armor in this section. Then strip 30 mm outer layer downward, leave 10 mm inner layer upward, strip the excess inner layer and filler.

Note: The copper shield belt and the steel armor are grounded separately.

Single Core Cable Processing:

1. Copper shielding treatment of cables: put the cables vertically, take 190mm from the top of the cables downward, strip the outer sheath and copper shielding belt of the cables, and expose the shielding layer of the cables.

2. Cable shielding layer treatment: Take 165 mm from the top of the cable downward, strip the cable shielding layer neatly, and remember that when stripping the shielding layer, do not damage the main insulation layer of the cable! In order to ensure smooth transition, a smooth chamfer is made at the transition between insulating layer and shielding layer.

This operation is an important step to ensure the smooth operation of the cable!

3. Cable insulation layer treatment: take 52mm from the top of the cable downward, strip the cable insulation layer and expose the cable core. Then make a smooth chamfer at the top of the insulating layer about 3mm to avoid scratches when installing the stress cone.

In order to ensure the installation and operation quality, please strictly follow the process requirements and be operated by professionals!

Install stress cone and crimping terminal:

1. Install the clasp: Wrap the clasp around the lower end of the cable shield layer, close to the copper shield (the upper end of the insulating tube), and then lock.

The clamp has three colors of red, yellow and green.

2. Installation of stress cone: Clean the surface of insulating layer and stress cone, and evenly coat with silicone grease, then insert the stress cone from the core, push it down, until the bottom surface is flat.

Note: The stress cone should not be reversed, and the black part should be downward.

3. Installation of crimping terminal: Put crimping terminal into wire core and rotate the direction of terminal until the head plane of terminal is parallel to the end surface of casing. Press the terminal in turn from the head position of terminal to the downward position according to the clamping position of terminal (confining pressure is recommended). After pressing, the sharp edges formed during pressing should be smoothed and cleaned with a file.

Note: Pressure terminals of the same specifications as cables are required. Copper-core cables use copper terminals and aluminum-core cables use copper-aluminum transition terminals.

Install European Touchable Front Connector:

1. Check the bolt hole of the casing of the equipment (the standard thread is M16, if not, please inform the company to make corresponding changes in time). Roll M16/12 variable diameter bolt into the bolt hole of the casing and tighten it. The bolt should be screwed into the casing at a minimum depth of 25 mm.

2. Clean equipment bushing, front connector, crimping terminal, stress cone, insulating plug and end cap, and evenly coat silicone grease on the outer surface of stress cone, the inner surface of front connector, the outer surface of equipment bushing and the outer surface of insulating plug.

3. Put the cable with the crimped terminal into the front joint until the hole on the top of the terminal is in the center of the front joint.

4. Sleeve the front connector into the equipment casing, and the diameter-changing bolt shall pass through the round hole of the pressing terminal.

5. If the rear connector or arrester is to be installed later, please go to the step of installing the touchable rear connector.

6. Sleeve the flat cushion, bullet cushion and nut on the bolt in turn, tighten the nut with a casing wrench, then cover the end cap with an insulating plug.

7. Check that the ground wire on the front joint body is loose. If it is loose, please tighten it. Connect the other end of the ground wire to the grounding of the system.

8. Check all connections and confirm that they are in place. Touchable front connector is installed.

Install Touchable Rear Connector:

1. Tighten the conductive rod on the bolt in the front joint with a wrench to ensure good contact between the conductive rod and the pressing terminal of the front joint. Then screw the M12 bolt.

2. Push the cable with terminal in step 1, 2 and 3 into the rear joint until the hole on the top of the terminal is located at the center of the rear joint.

3. Insert the rear connector of the cable into the front connector. The end face of the packaged conductive rod and the rear joint is flattened, and the bolt passes through the round hole of the rear joint terminal.

4. If it needs to be expanded, install the rear connector or arrester in the same way.

5. If no expansion is required, the rear connector shall be installed in the 6-8 installation sequence of the European Touchable Front Joint Installation Step.

Install rear arrester:

1. Clean the external surface of lightning arrester and evenly coat it with lubricating silicone grease.

2. Repeat the steps of installing the touchable rear joint.

3. Align the arrester to the front connector (or rear connector) and insert it.

4. Repeatedly install the 6-8 step of European Touchable Front Joint to connect the insulation plug and end cover.

5. Tighten the grounding wire to the grounding point of the system.