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NLL Series New Type Bolted Aluminum Alloy Tension Clamp

NLL series bolt type aluminium alloy tension clamp is suitable for 20 kV and below overhead lines. Aluminum strands or steel core aluminium strands are fixed on the tension bar. It is used for supporting overhead insulated aluminium conductors and insulating cover, and plays an insulating and protective role.

  • Type: NLL
  • Material: Aluminium alloy

Product characteristics

The clamp body is made of high strength aluminium alloy.

Smooth appearance, long service life;

Easy to install and use;

No hysteresis loss, energy-saving certification products.

1-10 kV power frequency withstand voltage: > 18 kV, hold voltage for 1 minute without breakdown;

20 kV power frequency withstand voltage: > 30 kV, keep voltage for 1 minute without breakdown;

insulation resistance: > 1.0 *1014_;;

ambient temperature: - 30 ~90;

Weather resistance: After 1008 hours of artificial climate aging test, the performance is good.

Structural characteristics:

1. Contact performance: the contact surface between the clamp and the wire is large, the clamping force is constant, and the DC resistance ratio is between 0.85 and 0.9;

2. Overload capacity: the overload capacity is more than 2 times of the approved current;

3. Firm performance: high-strength materials, stainless steel bolts, reliable connection, never fall off;

4. Thermal cycle performance: good thermal cycle performance, always running below the DC resistance ratio 1;

5. Installation: easy to install and disassemble, suitable for high-altitude operation;

6. Energy-saving performance, the material is made of high-strength special aluminum alloy, no electromagnetic loss, corrosion, anti-oxidation.

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