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WX series self-locking wedge type parallel groove clamp

WX series self-locking wedge clamp (hereinafter referred to as WX clamp) is composed of "C" shaped shell and wedge block made of special aluminium alloy material. It is widely used in the connection of aluminium strand and steel core aluminium strand, the connection between aluminium strand and copper strand, the connection of insulated conductor and the connection of copper strand in non-seriously polluted areas. Wx clip combines the design concept of high reliability and wide adaptability. It can ensure safe and reliable operation, and minimize the number of specifications and models. At the same time, it is very convenient to install.

  • Type: WX(VM)30301-30313 50501-50511
  • Material: Aluminium alloy

Product characteristics

Elastic C-type Technology

The special aluminum alloy material and processing technology make the "C" shell have good elasticity. Combined with the design of wedge block, a "breathing" connection system is formed with the connecting wires, which effectively eliminates the problem of "wire burning clamp" caused by thermal expansion, cold contraction and poor contact.

The principle of good grip design of WX-ray clip is based on the relationship between grip force of C-shell and contact resistance of wire clip. The design of grip point A can not only ensure the ideal contact resistance, but also leave enough elastic margin.

Self-locking Design

WX-ray clip has lock groove on C shell and lock pin on wedge, which can automatically form self-lock when installed. When disassembling, the locking pin can be lifted by turning the control screw clockwise, so as to achieve the purpose of repeated use.

Easy installation method

Simple tapping, no special installation tools. Compared with other methods, this is a fast installation method, and conforms to the installation habits of construction personnel.

Especially suitable for live operation, the contact time with live body can be shortened by more than half during installation, which greatly improves the safety of installation personnel.

Grip Judgment

WX-ray clip has a very simple method to determine the good grip force during installation: through the stress locator, before installation, the stress locator is on the C-shaped semi-circular groove; after installation, the opening of the C-shaped part increases, and the stress locator falls into the C-shaped semi-circular groove.

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