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PGA Series Energy Saving Torque Clamp

Energy-saving moment clamp is a non-load-bearing connection fittings. It is mainly used in transmission line, substation line and distribution line system, and plays the role of wire connection and jumper connection

  • Type: PGA
  • Material: Aluminium alloy

Special moment nuts can maintain constant contact pressure between conductor and clamp for a long time, and ensure that each clamp is installed to achieve good electrical connection, and avoid the influence of human factors during installation.

The arc design of clamp is made of highly corrosion resistant aluminium alloy material. Both clamp and screw have excellent metal elasticity. The energy storage system of "breathing together" is composed of wires connected with them. The overload capacity and service life of the clamp are greatly improved, and the energy loss is effectively reduced. With the correct selection and use, the ability to withstand current will exceed that of the connected wires.

Each groove where the clamp contacts with the conductor is coated with a unique conductive antioxidant, which enlarges the contact surface of the conductor and effectively blocks air and moisture, thus preventing the contact surface between the conductor and the clamp from being badly contacted by oxidation or other corrosion.

Suitable for aluminum strand, copper conductor, overhead insulating conductor, steel-cored aluminum strand and other conductors, also suitable for copper conductor to copper conductor, aluminum conductor to aluminum conductor, copper conductor to aluminum conductor transition connection.

Suitable for different diameter wire connection. One type is suitable for multiple diameter wire. The product type is few, and the application scope is wide. The specification selection is minimized.

All clamp models are of unlimited voltage level. In the correct use case, only one clamp is needed in connection construction, and the clamp can be reused.

Convenient construction, no special tools, not affected by human factors, installation quality assurance.

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