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Over-temperature warning energy-saving parallel groove clamp

Summary Over-temperature warning energy-saving parallel trench clamp (hereinafter referred to as wire clamp) consists of four parts: parallel trench shell, pressing block assembly, fastener and over-temperature indicator device; wire clamp is wire connection type electric power connection fittings, mainly used for connecting or jumping wires on non-bearing positions of overhead insulated conductors, steel-cored aluminum strands, steel strands and copper strands; the main body adopts the structure with pressing block fastening function to solve the problem. There are many specifications and large stock. The over-temperature indicator is bright magenta, which is convenient for long-distance observation. The clamp meets many different specifications of wires. It has strong versatility and wide applicability.

  • Type: WX-50/240
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
Installation instructions

Over-temperature warning energy-saving parallel trench clamp is a non-load-bearing connection fittings, which can only be used for wire connection and jumper. The clamp is used in 1KV, 10KV, 20KV, and equal voltage levels. It can be connected with aluminium-aluminium, copper-aluminium, copper-copper, copper-iron and aluminium-iron. Installation without copper tape, simple operation.

Wire range is 50mm2-240mm2.

Put the wire into the slot of the clamp, insert the bolt from the clamp, adjust its position in the middle of the cover, twist the nut in with a wrench, and press the cover block tightly.

Unloading: loosen the nut and press the cover upward.

Note: After installation, make sure the cover is tightened and the conductor is loosened.