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JLC-CW Series C-Type Thermometer Clamp

C-type temperature measuring wire clamp (hereinafter referred to as wire clamp) consists of C-shaped shell, internal pressure block assembly, fastener and over-temperature indicator device; wire clamp is wire connection type electric power connection fittings, which is mainly used for connecting or jumping wires on non-bearing positions of overhead insulated conductors, steel-cored aluminum strands, steel strands and copper strands; the main body adopts C-type structure with elastic function, when the conductors expand and contract in heat, the wires are used for connecting or jumping wires. The clamp can always maintain a constant contact pressure with the conductor to achieve the best effect of connection; the over-temperature indicator device uses bright magenta to facilitate long-distance observation; the clamp meets a variety of different specifications of the conductor, with strong versatility and wide application.

  • Type: JLC-CW
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
Structural characteristics:

The clamp shell is made of special aluminium alloy. The contact area between the clamp and the wire is large, and the DC resistance ratio is less than 0.9.

Stainless steel fasteners are used to ensure reliable connection and constant clamping force.

The electric contact surfaces of the clamp are coated with electric conductive grease, and the overload capacity is more than 2 times of the rated current.

The thermal cycle performance of the clamp is excellent, and it always keeps below the DC resistance ratio 1.

The inner pressure block assembly of the clamp has the function of preventing falling off, which ensures that the assembly will not fall off during installation.

High precision bimetal sheet is selected as the temperature measuring action element. There are two overtemperature alarms. The low temperature section is 85 ~ 90 C, and the high temperature section is 95 ~ 100 C.

Temperature measuring elements and overtemperature indicating device are integrated with C-shaped shell design to ensure the accuracy of temperature measuring system.

Over-temperature alarm indicator is bright magenta red. After action, the indicator is obvious and intuitive and easy to observe.

The overtemperature alarm device is accurate and sensitive, and can be manually reset and reused after operation.

The clamp is assembled into an active whole, and the left and right blocks are interlocked, which will not fall off, so it is convenient for the constructors to work at high altitude.

nstallation instructions for C-type clamp

C-type temperature measuring clamp is a non-load-bearing connection fittings, which can only be used for the connection and jump-off of conductors. The clamp is used in 1KV, 10KV, 20KV and equal voltage grades. It can be connected with aluminium-aluminium, copper-aluminium, copper-copper, copper-iron and aluminium-iron. Installation without copper tape, simple operation.

The clamp type is determined according to the type of conductor and the size of main and branch conductors. Please check carefully whether the type and size of conductors are identical with those marked on the clamp. For example, the main wire is LGJ-240, the branch wire is JKLYJ-185, and the clamp type should be JLC-813CW, which is identical with one of the wires marked on the clamp: LGJ240 to JKLYJ185.

Put the wire into the slot of the clamp, adjust the position of the main line and the branch wire, the mother wedge corresponds to the large (main) wire, the inner wedge corresponds to the small (branch) wire, insert the bolt from the back of the clamp, and adjust its position in the middle of the wedge, twist the nut with a wrench, and press the hinge block flat.

Unloading: loosen the nut and arch the wedge upward.

Note: After installation, it is necessary to determine whether the wedge is flattened and whether the conductor is tightened.

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