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SCK Series C Type Equipment Clamp

C-type equipment clamp consists of C-type parts with tail, articulated blocks and bolt components, which are used to connect equipment and wires. According to GB/T1196 standard, it is made of a special alloy conductive material coated with electric composite grease with strong corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrophobicity and conductivity, which can make the conductors of different materials contact well. Comparing with the traditional clamp, the integral extrusion forming of C-type equipment clamp can solve the problems of easy fracture, corrosion and heating of copper-aluminium welding position. The use of advanced articulated structure, very labor-saving, greatly reducing labor intensity, improve work efficiency; force and pressure in different directions, installation greatly reduces the impact of human factors.

  • Type: SCK
  • Material: Aluminium alloy

Installation instructions

Composition of clamp for C type equipment: C type shell, articulated block, stainless steel screw, stainless steel nut, stainless steel spring gasket and stainless steel flat gasket.

Determine the type: According to the specifications of the conductor, the corresponding type of conductor can be found in the type selection table of C-type energy-saving equipment clamp. The main line is the abscissa axis, the branch line is the ordinate axis, and the type of C-type energy-saving equipment clamp at the intersection of two coordinate axes is the type of this connection (pay attention to the selection of different specifications of material conductors).

Determine the size of the line: Because the design of the C-type clamp considers the matching of different line diameters, the arc surface on both sides of the articulated block has different sizes, the large arc surface matches the large conductor, and the small arc surface matches the small conductor.

Put the wire into the slot of the C-shaped shell, and put the wire into the arc-shaped articulated block according to the size of the wire (the articulated block should not be separated, the arc is outward), insert the screw from the back of the C-shaped shell, so that the screw is located in the middle hole of the top of the articulated block, screw on the nut, tighten the bolt with a wrench, and flatten the wire.

Verify that it has been installed. When tightening the bolt, the last few teeth should have a clear sense of stress. Flatten the articulated block and hold the C-shaped shell. At this time, the C-shaped shell should have slight deformation. After installation, pull or pull two wires by hand. At this time, the wire should be completely unable to pull or rotate before calculating the tightening.

Selection table