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JLC Series C Clamp

The C-type clamp is mainly used for T-connection or jumper of 20kV overhead insulated conductors, aluminium hinged wires, steel-core aluminium hinged wires, steel hinged wires and copper conductors in the unbearable position of overhead distribution lines. The clamp is made of special high strength aluminum alloy with good conductivity, and its structure is reasonable C type and between. When the conductor expands and shrinks, the C-type structure has elasticity and keeps the constant contact pressure between the clamp and the conductor at all times. With the change of external environment and load conditions, the contact pressure is constant, which satisfies the optimal requirement of connection.

  • Type: JLC
  • Material: Aluminium alloy

Wedge clamp is suitable for non-bearing connection or branching between overhead insulated aluminium strands or steel-cored aluminium strands in overhead distribution lines. The insulating cover and clamp are used together to provide insulation protection.

Structural characteristics:

1. Contact performance: the contact surface between the clamp and the wire is large, the clamping force is constant, and the DC resistance ratio is between 0.85 and 0.9;

2. Overload capacity: the overload capacity is more than 2 times of the approved current;

3. Firm performance: high-strength materials, stainless steel bolts, reliable connection, never fall off;

4. Thermal cycle performance: good thermal cycle performance, always running below the DC resistance ratio 1;

5. Installation: easy to install and disassemble, suitable for high-altitude operation;

6. Energy-saving performance, the material is made of high-strength special aluminum alloy, no electromagnetic loss, corrosion, anti-oxidation.

Insulation cover features:

1. Power frequency withstand voltage: > 30 kV hold voltage for 1 minute without breakdown;

2. Insulation Resistance: > 1.0 *101/2

3. Environmental temperature: - 30 ~90 C;

4. Weather resistance: After 1008 hours of artificial climate aging test, the performance is good.

5. Tensile strength: > 200 Mpa.

Installation instructions for C-type clamp

The C-type clamp is a non-load-bearing electrical connection fittings, which can not be used as load-bearing fittings; it can only be used for wire connection, jumper, T-connection and transformer lead. The clamp is suitable for the connection of 380KV, 10KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV, aluminum-aluminium, copper-copper and iron-iron. No need to wrap aluminium tape.

1. Determine the type: Check carefully that the conductor is identical with the mark on the clamp, such as CT-822 LGJ185-LJ120/95, LGJ95 is expressed as: LGJ185 to LJ (TJ) 120 or LGJ185 to LJ (TT) 95 or LGJ185 to LGJ95.

2. Determine the size of the wire: In the design of the clamp, the fit of different wire diameters is considered. The inner arc of the two sides of the articulated block has different sizes. The big arc is matched with the big wire; the small arc is matched with the small wire. Provisions: Bus is large (main) line, public block is small (branch) line, take out articulated block, make it arch (two articulated blocks into a certain angle).

3. Put the wires and bolts in place: Put the wires into the slot of the "C" part, and put them into the arch outward according to the size of the wires. Insert the bolt from the back of the "C" piece, so that the bolt is in the middle of the top of the hinge block, and tighten the bolt with a wrench.

4. Confirm that the bolt has been installed: when tightening the bolt, the last few teeth should have a clear sense of force, the hinge block is pressed flat, and the "C" piece can be held. "C" parts should be slightly deformed.

5. Disassembly: loosen the bolt, insert the screw batch between the articulation and the "C" piece, and pry upward forcefully, so that the articulation block can be arched upward.

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