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WX Series Torque Lock Connector B

It mainly consists of three parts: A. Installation body (aluminium alloy material, surface treated by tin plating) B. Torque Plate Bolts (Aluminum Alloy Material, Surface Treated by Electroplating Tin) C. Insulation shield (aging resistant and flame retardant silicone rubber)

  • Type: WX Series Fuse Pile Head General Wire Clamp
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
Scope of use

Scope of application: It is suitable for wiring devices of post circuit breakers, fuses, disconnectors, arresters and other equipment.

Strong versatility: suitable for 25-300 mm2 cross-section wire connection, eliminating the trouble of type selection;

Easy installation: moment self-locking disc bolts directly press and connect without damage to the wire, without special tools;

Corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance: heat treatment process and surface tin plating treatment to alleviate electrochemical corrosion;

Energy-saving and low consumption: Wire contact area is large, and current service is strong;

Insulation protection: waterproof and anti-electric shock, keep line insulated;

Conditions of use

environment condition

1) Altitude:<3000m;

2) Maximum ambient temperature: +50 C, minimum ambient temperature: -40 C;

3) Average annual temperature: 20 C;

4) Maximum daily temperature difference: 30 C;

5) Sunshine intensity: 0.1W/cm2 (wind speed 0.5m/s, 0.6m/s for large span);

6) Ice thickness: 0-50mm;

7) Maximum wind speed: 35m/s (once every 30 years at a height of 10m above the ground, average maximum in 10 minutes);

8) Environmental relative humidity: daily average: 95%; monthly average: 90%;

9) Pollution grade: 0-IV;