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Super-energy special-shaped energy-saving C-type clamp

WX-55X is a special energy-saving and super-energy-saving C-type clamp (WX-55X) which is suitable for the up-conversion of non-bearing positions of insulated conductors, bare conductors, aluminium strands, copper strands, steel-cored aluminium strands and steel strands in high, middle and low voltage lines.

  • Type: WX-55
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
technical parameter

(1) The resistance between the ends of the metal fittings and the conductors is about 1.0 times that of the conductors of the same length.

(2) When the experimental force is 5.0 kN, there is no obvious slip between the clamp and the conductor.

(3) The maximum working current of high-voltage type is 600A, and that of low-voltage type is 500A.

Device advantages

Constant pressure relay and no damage to the line

Excellent material and strong conductivity

Fewer installation steps and high convenience

Waterproof and flame retardant of matching insulating protective cover

Purchasing Aluminum Profiles for Processing and Dimension Accuracy

Double "U" structure, maximizing contact area