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BLMT type shear bolt cable lug

BLMT series torsion terminals are electrical fittings for connecting conductors and equipment. They are mainly used for connecting insulated conductors, aluminium strands, aluminium alloy strands, steel-cored aluminium strands and copper conductors in non-bearing positions. The terminal body is made of a high strength tin-plated aluminium alloy. The inner surface of the conductor hole is designed with a mesh concave groove. Fixed-moment double-shear head bolts are made of special aluminium alloy. They are all treated with high-quality lubricant and equipped with a special contact ring. Once the bolt head is cut off, the contact bolts cannot be removed. A dedicated plug-in is inserted or removed to adjust the range of applicable conductors. These plug-ins have longitudinal stripes and a positioning slot. The product model is simple and suitable for different diameter connection. For example, three models can cover conductors from 25 mm 2 to 240 mm 2. The terminal is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, and can provide different bolt aperture size specifications.

  • Type: BLMT
  • Material: Aluminum

Product characteristics

It has a wide range of applications.

Compact design;

It can be used with almost all kinds of conductors and materials.

Fixed moment double shear head bolt ensures good electrical contact performance.

The standard sleeve wrench can be conveniently installed.

Installed on medium voltage cable up to 42kV;

Excellent over-current and short-term current shock resistance.

Installation instructions

No special tools are required for installation.

Only one socket wrench is needed to complete the installation.

Including providing inserts;

Classified constant moment double scissors head bolt design to ensure reliable and firm contact;

We recommend using a support tool to prevent bending of conductors.

Each connector or cable patch has separate installation instructions.

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