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WX Series Antistatic Grounding Clamp

Anti-static grounding clamp is used in petrochemical industry, medicine, paint, paint and other fields. In order to eliminate the electrostatic accumulation and accumulation of flammable and explosive liquids during storage and transportation, different types of electrostatic grounding clamps, different connecting cables, and stable grounding are needed to release static electricity and ensure safe operation.

  • Type: WX
  • Material: Aluminium alloy

Product characteristics

Anti-static grounding clamp is equipped with high-strength alloy thimble at the top to break paint and remove rust to ensure reliable grounding of car body and container. The clamp body is equipped with constant force spring, which keeps the elasticity of kneading for 30,000 times unchanged, and ensures the output of sufficient clamping force. Ensure that the clamp keeps in contact with the equipment with low resistance and that the clamp is firmly connected to the vibration equipment without slipping.


When in use, the grounding terminal of the distribution cable of the electrostatic clamp is reliably connected to the grounding grid or the special grounding device, and then the tank truck and the container which need grounding are clamped with the clamp opening to discharge safely.

Electrostatic clamp is an important measure to prevent electrostatic accidents in the fields of petrochemical industry, medicine, paint and so on, in order to eliminate the harm of electrostatic accumulation of flammable and explosive liquids in the transit process.

1. Standard configuration: 5m line length. Electrostatic grounding wires of different length can be provided to meet the needs of different occasions.

2. High strength alloy thimble at the top of electrostatic grounding clamp can effectively remove paint, rust and oil pollution and ensure reliable grounding.

3. The clamp body is equipped with a constant force spring, and the elasticity of kneading is unchanged for 30,000 times.

Scope of use of electrostatic clamp:

In the fuel and chemical installation sites; gas filling stations, paints, paints, refineries, chemicals, pharmaceutical products production and processing zones airports, oil tankers, ships and railway tankers; movable roofs of chemical storage tanks; other places requiring static electricity grounding.