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Industrial 4.0: From the automatic production and intelligent manufacturing

2019-05-10 14:23:11 admin 59

"Comprehensive perception, reliable communication and intelligent driving" car; Independent and serving meals, and stand listen to beckon a waiter; Personalised products according to customer requirements; Automatic intelligent factory production, packaging, shipping?? In recent years, with continuous integration of informatization and manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing as the main characteristics of a new round of industrial revolution - the industrial wave swept through 4.0.

Ma Yunzeng said, a lot of people didn't understand the computer, Internet and mobile Internet came; Haven't clear mobile interconnection, big data era is coming. Today, when we still immersed in the joy of industrial automation, made "smart" as the main sign of industrial era to 4.0.

Predictably, in this process, numerous disruptive refactoring will happen in traditional industry, the industrial chain and social division of labor will reorganize, the world's industrial landscape picture again?? In the face of this change, no matter the front is the sun is shining, or undercurrent, we can't avoid, only brave face.

4.0 information creation industry

Tracing the history of human industry, every innovation of science and technology, was firstly embodies in manufacturing, has greatly promoted the human mode of production change and innovation.

The late 18th century, Britain in the first industrial revolution, steam power to achieve the production mechanization, the human into industrial age 1.0. Electricity is widely used to promote the early 20th century, the emergence of the production line, industry into the era of 2.0. Since the 1970 s, electronic technology and computer technology rapid development, mechanical automation manufacturing way gradually replaced the human work, this is what the present characteristics of the industrial age 3.0.

In recent years, along with the network information technology, big data and cloud computing power of the initial use, a more great tool - the Internet technology is involved in the production process, informationization and industrialization are intertwined, is creating a 4.0 era of industry of mankind.

The new industrial form of the intelligent manufacturing as the leading, first of all, in 2011, germans, hannover messe in Germany on, in order to realize the resources, information, items, and people interconnected "virtual network - real Physical System (Cyber - Physical System, the CPS)". In 2013, the German government to rise for the national strategy.

According to the German version 4.0 "industrial" to describe the prospect, in the modern intelligent robots, sensors, data storage and computing power mature, existing plants will be able to the Internet through the industry supply chain, production process and warehouse logistics intelligent connect, really make the fully automated production process, product individuation, front end supply chain management, production plan, the back-end storage logistics management intellectualization. Mankind into the era of smart manufacturing from now on.

Intelligent manufacturing time

So, intelligent manufacture era exactly is what?

Hannover messe in Germany in 2014, a joint research and development by several German company "smart factory" shown to the scene to the world: booth a modular production line is producing card case. Unlike traditional production line, all the information about making a card case via the Internet itself is input to the parts, these parts through the exchange of information and production equipment, command me "" you should have such production equipment.

In future intelligent factory, this is only a piece of cake. Because in the future, all the processing equipment and raw materials in the factory, transportation vehicles, loading robot is equipped with the CPS mentioned above, is "to speak, thinking".

Raw materials will be direct contact and processing equipment, tell it to "I need to find which device for processing". Then, these artifacts will inform responsible for the process of processing equipment, "what materials I need. Next, know their task to transport vehicle, it will according to the induction of laying underground lines, give the materials to loading robot. Production all subsequent processes, including production sales documents are carried by these artifacts themselves. If the workpiece wrong, or have a personalized customer requirements, research and development department of smart engineers will immediately report to the police, and the improvement measures to the workpiece after calculus.

Control these smart factory enterprise, its business process and organization restructuring reengineering, product research and development, design, planning, process to the whole life cycle of production and service data information will realize seamless link. The resulting huge amounts of data and its analysis is applied, will create the first to meet the needs of dynamic business network, different collaborative design, mass customization, the rise of precision supply chain management, and other new business model.

For the whole system of manufacturing industry, such as collection of whole life cycle management, Adrian rodriguez huber -) fernando, contracting, Internet banking, e-commerce and other industry also will be a new value chain, the resulting productivity is extremely huge. According to the American general electric (ge) prediction, this change would at least for the global GDP increase 10 trillion? Create another us $15 trillion - equivalent to the economy.

This revolution is more far-reaching influence, manufacturing will infiltrate into human society. All people and people, between people and objects as well as the content and content through the Internet to achieve "connected" all things, it will reshape the society as a whole production tools, production mode and life scenes. This science fiction movies like picture may be more exciting.

Made in China updated version

Rise and fall of manufacturing, verify with the rise and fall of great powers.

In 2008 after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the United States "manufacturing enhancement act", "advanced manufacturing partnership (AMP), the Japanese manufacturers in Japan, the UK's" Britain the strategy for development of advanced manufacturing and action plan for releasing. The eu spent 200 billion euros on promoting intelligent manufacturing, ICT (information, communications and technology) drive manufacturing upgrade and application of Internet of things?? The developed countries would be under the condition of informatization of high-end manufacturing as the "industrialization", the breakthrough to thrive.

Statistics show, integrated coastal areas in China labor cost is close to parts of the United States. With the disappearance of demographic dividend, manufacturing labor costs rise and fall of a new generation of the employment intention, the international competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry will face a major crisis. Promote the industrialization and informationization "fusion, first enter the industrial age 4.0, keep the competitiveness of manufacturing industry in our country, already is the proposition must be chosen.

During a visit to Germany in October 2014, li keqiang, prime minister signed a "industrial 4.0" strategic cooperation framework. "This means that our country should in hand in hand with the development of industrialization and informationization strategy to promote the integration of the two faster." Former vice President of Chinese academy of engineering, academician WuHeQuan said.

In May 2014 sponsored by the ministry of science and technology, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering, intelligent manufacturing international conference, the ministry of industry and information technology minister MiaoWei "build China's manufacturing industry to upgrade edition" put forward by the widespread attention. MiaoWei thinks, to realize industrialization by informationization "upgrade", the key lies in two points.

One is the further implement the strategy of innovation driven development. Focus is the basis of long-term research, break through the core components such as intelligent robot, high-end chip, new display, key key technology such as electronic components, generic technology, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces. The question now is, how do we make enterprise environment and conditions, the innovation main body can bear?

2 it is to promote informatization and industrialization depth of fusion. Such as setting of information technology to upgrade traditional industry management system and technology system of "national standard", to think in the Internet to promote the Internet of things, big data, the application of cloud computing technology in the industry, promote the manufacturing, sales and service mode of the Internet, and so on.

Despite a long way to go before, as a "world factory", we also have a lot of opportunities, such as a good policy environment, the age of the Internet many of tves, enough solid innovation background, etc. In the big time for the games, we believe that as long as your feet on the ground, brave in exploitation, fate will never manipulated into his own hands.