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What is the shear bolt cable lug

2019-05-10 13:22:01 yx8 44

Moment of terminal is WANXIE power of independent innovation products, by way of torque construction peg to docking or the cable termination, including shear bolt cable originally and shear bolt cable tube. Below to shear bolt cable tube, for example, to introduce shear bolt cable tube some advantages. 1, do not need crimping tool, just ordinary socket wrench, will bolt twisting moment, is the benefits of rapid, simple, lower installation costs, joint quality is stable, is not affected by man-made factors, etc. 2, copper, aluminum, can be used for up to and including 35 kv voltage grade of copper conductors, aluminum conductor, aluminum alloy conductor, including copper, aluminium transition. Is greatly reduce inventory, the benefits of takeover does not need to purchase a variety of models, and convenient management. Such as shear bolt cable tube 150/240, originally need copper tube, aluminum tube, copper aluminum transition to take over the three, as long as a right now. 3, wide range, because each cable factory production of the cable diameter is different, each tube factory do not match the tube diameter, each installation workers electric water is different, the traditional pressure welding type tube installation quality difference is very big, according to customer's internal statistics, meet the requirements of the standard joint will not exceed 5%. Due to shear bolt cable tube the wide range of features, these problems are solved. Described in the customer is using technology to solve practical problems. 4, electric performance is more reliable. Traditional tube after the pressure to produce ling edge, burr, flash, even need to be carefully polished, high requirements for construction personnel. WANXIE power shear bolt cable tube is smooth, just to the bolt fracture are simple processing, greatly reduce the possibility of an accident. 5, special applications, such as fine wire flexible cable, the flexible cable is coarse than ordinary copper with screenshots, ordinary tube fit into, a bigger size tube and pressure is not tight, with shear bolt cable tube is very good solve.