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  • Power fittings:With the common classification and application scope

    Core tip: daily use process, with the different power have different function, able to meet the environmental requirements for special fittings, as the basis of ensuring power grid construction, elect

    2019-05-10 admin 49

  • Industrial 4.0: From the automatic production and intelligent manufacturing

    "Comprehensive perception, reliable communication and intelligent driving" car; Independent and serving meals, and stand listen to beckon a waiter; Personalised products according to custome

    2019-05-10 admin 59

  • Aluminum alloy manufacturing era

    China's power sector in the application of aluminum alloy on the transmission line hardware instead of the traditional hardware ferromagnetic materials, has obtained the remarkable energy-saving e

    2019-05-10 admin 50

  • What type of aluminum alloy 6061?

    Belonging to 6061 genera and strengthens the alloy heat treatment, with good formability and weldability, processability, with moderate intensity at the same time, can still maintain a good operational after annealing. 6061 alloy magnesium and silicon are the main alloy elements, and formed Mg2Si phase. If contains a certain amount of manganese and chromium, can counteract the bad effect of iron; Sometimes add a small amount of copper or zinc, in order to improve the strength of the alloy, and don't make it have a significantly lower resistance to corrosion; Conductive material with a small amount of copper, in order to offset the bad influence of titanium and iron for electrical conductivity; Zirconium or titanium can refine grain and controlling recrystallization organization; In order to improve cutting performance, can be added to the lead and bismuth. In Mg2Si solid soluble in aluminum alloy artificial aging hardening function. 6061 - T651 is the main alloy, alloy 6061 is the pre-draft heat treatment process of high quality aluminum alloy products, its strength is not compared with 2 or 7 XXX XXX department system, but its more magnesium, silicon alloy properties, has the excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and processing after deformation, dense material without defects and easy polishing, coloring film easily, good features such as oxidation excellent results.

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  • What is the aluminum alloy - Non-ferrous metal structural materials

    Aluminum alloy is the most widely used in industry of non-ferrous metal structural materials, in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipping and have been extensively applied in chemical industry. The rapid development of industrial economy, the demand for aluminum alloy welding structure is increasing, also make the weldability of aluminum alloy and research.

    2019-05-10 yx8 40

  • Low pressure casting aluminum

    OverviewThe prototype of low pressure casting process can be traced back to the last century. Is suitable for aluminum alloy 1917 in France, in Germany in 1924 put forward the application, but did not

    2019-05-10 yx8 54

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